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offers companies a wide range of services related to Human Resources in various sectors such as banking, fiduciary, commercial, construction, industrial and technical. We are able to meet the different needs of our clients by providing a high quality and professional service.

I nostri servizi 

IT Permanent Recruitment


Entrust us with your personal research and save time and money. We take care of researching, selecting and proposing you the right IT employees. Throughout the process you will be accompanied by our consultant.

IT Temporary Employees

We deal with temporary staff placement, an area in which we can make a resource available to the customer in a very short time to cope with periods of growth workload or to replace temporarily absent collaborators. We also offer the service called Try & Hire, which allows the company to test the employee's aptitudes and skills for a period of three months, after which any hiring does not present additional costs. We also offer the possibility of entrusting us with the complete administrative management of your employees through the Payrolling service.

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